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Batik and Denim

When Batik is combined with Denim or Blue Jeans

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New AFF Suzuki Cup Champion

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Champion.

Gob bless you all.

Photos of Javanese Traditional Clothings

Photos of Javanese Traditional Clothings below were taken in 2009.  I took it my self with my digital camera.

These Javanese traditional clothings are usually worn at wedding parties in Central Java, as well as in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

Please do not download these photos.

Many thanks.

Online Casino Complete Guide

Online Casino or Virtual Casino, or also called Internet Casino tends to grow since its inception in 1996. Even online casino business currently spans the world and generates billions of dollars every year, and more players signing on online casino daily. That’s why it’s believed that this market is certain to grow in the future.

With the vast reach of the internet, online casino players can easily select and conveniently play their favorite online casino such as Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Keno, etc. Every online casino player has the same opportunity to win thousands of dollars from his / her computer without leaving home. They can also hone their skills by playing online casino first before actually visiting a real casino. Are you interested in playing online casino too?

Well, before deciding to play online casino, I recommend you to learn an online casino complete guide first so that you may wish to succeed.

Online Casino Edition

Dear readers, there’s a website that provides an online casino complete guide, as well as information where we can learn everything related to online casino. It is Online Casino Edition at  Guide, as well as information available at this website includes:

Online Casino in various countries such as USA, UK, Spain, Japan, etc.
- Online Casino Games including Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Keno, and Caribbean Poker as well.
- Casino Bonuses, Casino Tournaments, Casino Jackpots, Casino History, Casino Rules, Casino Strategies, Casino Odds, Casino Tips & Tricks, Casino Winners, as well as Casino Dealers.
Rules, Strategies, How to Play, Odds, History, as well as Tips & Tricks of each online casino game stated above are also discussed on the website.

Finally, what things to remember while playing online casino? Find it out yourself on this online casino complete guide, here at Online Casino Edition. I wish you succeed.

Photo Scanning. Easy Solution for Our Precious Photos

Photo tells more than a story. For the owner of the photo or the people involved in it, photo has a lot of meaning. Photos of our sweet memories such as the wedding day, birthday, anniversary commemoration, graduation ceremony, etc, and even photos of our sad memories, are usually stored in photo books in order that we do not lose the precious moments behind it.

Photo calendars, in addition to photo books, are another media where we need to store our photos, and to show it off as well. We can share the photo calendars to our friends, colleagues, or relatives so that we can share our happiness to them too. Although photo books, as well as photo calendars, have a few weaknesses, such as fading away and easily can be damaged, people still use these media for their photos.

Digital archive could be a solution to store and to save our photos from color changes, damage because of flooding, disaster, etc. And, photo scanning is an easy way to, once and for all, create a digital archive.

Regarding with this photo scanning, PhotoBin at provides photo scanning services so that we can create our digital archive of our precious photos. also allows us to make our own custom photo calendars, as well as photo books, with its easy online software without having to download any software.

Need to scan your precious photos? It seems could be an easy solution for you. Check it out.

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